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1 year out…(actually longer)

🔹Have I lost all my baby weight? Maybe, but I’m not sure because I’m choosing not to get on the scale and continue to focus on how I feel.

🔹Can I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes? Most, but not all, and many of the ones that I can, still fit differently than they did before. My body has changed permanently, and that’s okay.

🔹Am I working out like I did before baby? Nope, just trying to get the workouts in when I can! As many of you know, kids make life busy! And I’m doing my best to be present with my little guy when I’m not working. I workout with classes and videos but try to focus just on staying active, which means hikes and walks with my son, getting outside and playing, and showing him that exercise is a fun, regular part of life!

🔹Am I feeling strong again? Yes! Physically and mentally! Being a mom is tough, but it makes you stronger in so many ways! And I love that my body is getting stronger every day! My core feels recovered from my C section (although it’s an ongoing process) and my Abs feel engaged again! Not where I was before, but that’s ok!

🔹Am I still totally in awe of what the human body can do? Yes! And striving to appreciate my strong, able Body every day! It can be hard, especially on tough days, but remembering how this body carried and nurtured a child (and still does!) helps me remain grateful!

🔹Am I still in love with this little guy, more and more every day? You know it!

I’ve held back from posting something like this for a long time, but finally did because many of you have asked. I hesitated partly because I haven’t felt great about where I am or was, feeling like I should’ve bounced back quicker. But I know that’s silly! Having a baby is a huge thing and our bodies take time to heal. I also didn’t want any other moms to feel shame about where they are in their postpartum journey— we are all on our own path and in different places, doing the best we can for ourselves and our babies every day. So please know, where you are is where you are and that’s ok ❤️

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