6 Months Postpartum

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Six months out…

Have I lost all my pregnancy weight? No
Can I fit into my prepregnancy clothes? Some but definitely not all
Am I back at my prepregnancy fitness level? No
Am I working out like I used to? No

Am I getting stronger? Yes
Am I in awe in what my body did and continues to do? Yes
Am I striving to eat healthy and get lots of calories to continue to breastfeed my baby, and not stressing too much about food? Yes

And most importantly, am I in love with this precious baby boy? More than I could have ever imagined

Sure, like other post partum moms, I want to lose the weight and feel fit again, but I feel so grateful that my body worked hard to bring this special person into my life, and is working hard to keep him safe and healthy. I want to be healthy and strong for him. He is #mymotivation ❤️❤️

Celebrate your body today and all it can do. Look at the loved ones in your life and make a commitment to your health for them and you!

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